Our people

At M4B the people make the company. With various backgrounds, competences and qualities they are all enthousiastic and passionate to make a difference for the client. The extensive experience gained while working at the Defence department has made of them hands-on, analytical team players and excellent communicators, however different their profiles may be.

M4B is a privileged partner of the Defence department. Alongside the group of servicemen that have previously worked for M4B (with success) and that are eager to continue working for M4B in the future, the Defence department refers generals and colonels that resign because of the 'functional age discharge' to M4B (totalling around 60 per year). This results in a continuous expansion of the select group of M4B servicemen.

The officers are enabled to focus entirely on their objective: to create value added for the client to the maximum possible extent. This is made possible by the administrative support of M4B and the Policy Research Group (see our network).

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Curriculum vitae examples

Take a look at some of our CVs and discover the qualities of our team.