Our network

M4B is an initiative by Major-General (ret.) drs. Pieter Cobelens in cooperation with the renowned consultancy firm Policy Research Corporation. 

  • The  Policy Research Group can rely on an extensive know-how with regard to strategy and organisation and business implementation. Prof. Dr. Chris Peeters (director-general of the Policy Research Group) ensures the strategic and operational management of M4B (human resources, business development, administration, office management,...). 
    • Policy Research Corporation is a company related to M4B that provides strategic advice to companies and governments. Policy Research offers creative but above all specific solutions to strategically sensible issues, policy issues and conflicts within organisations. 
    • NetN3 is also related to M4B and as a management consultancy firm it is specialised in providing advice in business and organisation. Its mission is to support companies and governments in implementing change projects and in enhancing business performance. Specifically, NetN3 offers support with respect to project and transition management, reorganisation, determination of strategies, process analyses and business scorecards. 
  • The daily management of M4B is the responsability of the Liaison Manager and Business Development Manager. They are the first point of call in the organisation and work in tandem in order to ensure a smooth service.
  • The Ministry of Defence actively encourages generals and colonels that resign because of ‘functional age discharge’ to get acquainted with M4B. By doing so, the Ministry of Defence enhances the interaction between civil society and its own organisation. Because of ageing, military top talent will play an important part in a time that compels to deal with people that have the experience and the energy to be part of the ‘workforce' of the Netherlands in a more efficient manner.
  • The Advisory Boardis a group of leading figures from business and government who actively support M4B.
  • Within the customer network of the Policy Research Group, the services of all three subsidiary companies are offered.

“M4B can rely on the engagement and expertise of different organisations and individuals”