Military Police


The current Royal Military Police is a police organization with military status. The powers and duties of the military police extend beyond the military organization and about 95% of the personnel is deployed for civil police tasks.

The control of the Royal Military Police is characterized by a separation of authority and management. The management of the Royal Military Police rests with the Minister of Defence and authority of the military police is performed by the person in authority responsible for that particular task. For example, the foreign immigration tasks and security tasks are carried out for the Ministry of Justice, the Counsel for the Prosecution is in charge of the criminal investigations and the local mayor and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations are responsible for the maintenance of public order and safety carried out by the Royal Military Police.

Areas of special interest:

  • police matters on behalf of Defence
  • police matters at Schiphol Airport, Flamingo Airport, F.D. Roosevelt Airport, Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport and other designated airports and civil aviation security
  • assistance to and cooperation with the Dutch police
  • surveillance of external borders (border control) of the Schengen area and the domestic and foreign security surveillance along the 'internal borders' by Mobile Surveillance Security
  • guard the safety of the members and palaces of the Royal Family
  • security and surveillance of De Nederlandsche Bank and guidance of cash transports of De Nederlandsche Bank
  • security of the Catshuis, the official residence of the Prime Minister
  • (co) performing primary policing on the islands St. Eustatius and Saba, under the responsibility of the Superintendant of the Police Corps BES (KPBES)

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