Variety, challenge, change, team spirit and flexibility!

After my high school graduation I searched for studies and careers applicable to these concepts. Then I noticed the profession of Royal Army officer and studying at the Royal Military Academy in Breda. In those first four years of study, I could never imagine completing above concepts for more than 100% and that I was to contribute to that.

The first years I fulfilled various logistics functions in different units, including a deployment to Lebanon to Bosnia. Then I had the opportunity to brainstorm on and contribute to various projects and reorganizations. Whether it involved the merging of logistical, operational and support elements, integrating transport and logistical elements, or analysing a department resulting in an elimination / split up and after six months deletion of your own chair, they always expected you to dare to leave the beaten path and think. Magnificent, when your employer enables you to do that!

An example of variation, flexibility and challenge for me was that one morning I was called to a meeting in The Hague and three hours later I was on a plane to St. Maarten. As commander of a detachment engaging in providing emergency assistance after Hurricane Louis in 1995. For how long, I had no idea at that time, but what a challenge! Making do with what you have, anticipating on what happens, respond quickly and judiciously and great team spirit.

In many positions I worked in an international context. Some at international headquarters, including a deployment to Afghanistan. Here you will learn to take account of the rituals and customs of people from other cultures. Adaptation and flexibility are the magic words. My last position was director of an international entity, focusing on cooperation between civil and military parties and individuals. This covers not only teaching knowledge and exchanging experiences in this area, between and with citizens and soldiers. Particularly, developing visions to improve this cooperation was one of the main activities. In this regard the cultural differences, but even more the similarities between the civil and military organizations, have a major role. To convince all parties that they are not so different is of vital importance and a great challenge. In the three years that I have fulfilled this function I was also allowed to move from the south to the east of the country, an additional challenge, especially if you do not want to be closed for repairs.

During all my positions, it took more than implement was has been learned. You could personally add something to it; your experiences. That created my motto. In my opinion, to civil organizations in business a refreshing look from a different perspective is the greatest that we can add as ex-soldiers.

After two years of renovating a cabin in the middle of the German Eifel mountains, I think it’s time to enter the field of action again. I'm really looking forward to add value to the business by sharing my years of Defence experience.

Intelligence is knowing what to do; wisdom is knowing when (BK)


This candidate is available immediately for a challenging job as a project manager Logistics or Reorganization Manager.