Command Service Centers

Being one of the 7 Defence units, the Support Command (CDC) is the shared service center for Defence. The CDC supports the armed forces worldwide including accommodation, catering, healthcare, transport, IT and human resources and facility services.

The CDC operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and provides its products and services according to agreed quality, delivery, quantity and at competitive prices. The CDC provides specialized services and products in a cost effective way. 

  • Facility Services Defence

The Defence Facility Services (FBD) provides facility support for the armed forces and military support services within the Netherlands. Think reprography, laundry, postal delivery, warehousing and service counters. 

The FBD provides facility services to all Defence units in the Netherlands. The Service is divided into 7 regions: Den Helder, The Hague, Breda, Schaarsbergen, Oirschot, Soesterberg and Havelte. 

The regional offices have staff offices for the coordination of operational activities. The regional offices cover 52 defence locations, of which 39 are provided with a service desk. Defence employees can contact the service counters for their facility requests and questions. 

  • Finance

The Financial Services Centre (FDC) annually processes and pays approximately 400,000 invoices, provides services in the area of ​​claim management and is responsible for cash and account management. In addition, the FDC provides cashiers and cash managers for dispatches and major exercises.

The Defence Tax and Customs Unit (DFDE), part of the FDC, operates in the field of fiscal and customs matters. DFDE serves approximately 35,000 Customs and VAT returns for all Defence and is the Defence knowledge center for fiscal and customs matters. 

  • Defence academy

The Dutch Defence Academy (NLDA) is responsible for all Defence initial officer training, higher career education and HRM-oriented courses. Additionally, NLDA executes military-relevant research for Defence. The NLDA is a military-scientific training and research institute. The Chief of Defence steers the NLDA directly. Organizationally the NLDA is covered by the Command Services Centre. The NLDA works intensively with civilian universities and scientific institutes.  

Initial officer training
The initial officer training for the army, air force and military police is provided at the Royal Military Academy in Breda and the Royal Naval Institute in Den Helder.

Scientific education and research
The Faculty of Military Sciences in Breda and Den Helder provides the scientific education and research.

Career education
Secondary and higher level career education is provided at the Institute Defence College in The Hague. Top level education is provided by the Defence Management Course in The Hague.

Staff support

The Human Resources Division is responsible for personnel services, which consists of 10 units. Each unit has its own expertise and is highly knowledgeable on the defence organisation.

The Human Resources Division consists of the following businesses: 

  • Company welfare workers: provide help and assistance to Defense staff, home front, veterans and service victims.
  • External Mediation Defence staff: assists staff in finding a job outside Defence.
  • Formation advice: advises Defence unit on their formation issues.
  • Behavioral sciences: supports Defence with practically-oriented social science research, counseling and services.
  • Spiritual care: assists Defence Staff in case of philosophical / ethical questions and (mental) distress.
  • Human Resources: P & O oracle and supporter of Defence Staff.
  • Integrity: the Central Organization Integrity Defense (COID) is the expertise center in the field of social and business integrity and contact for employees and managers. Also, at the COID externals can report harassment or other integrity violations of Defence Staff.
  • Legal services: provides services like objections and appeals, claims and mediation.
  • Reintegration: enhances employability and capacity of labor absent employees, aiming for sustainable labor market participation.
  • Recruitment: provides all Defence units with the assigned quantity and quality of military personnel.

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