Advisory Board

A number of leading figures from business and government actively support M4B.
Their reputation is projected on M4B, and as such they act as “ambassadors” by giving more publicity to the services and projects of M4B. The Advisory Board of M4B assembles twice a year in order to, among others, adjust the vision to further development, to monitor projects and results, and to look after the contacts between M4B and the Defence department, business and governments.

The following leading figures (in alphabetical order) actively participate in the M4B Advisory Board:

  • Mrs. Nebahat Albayrak – Member of the Lower House, former Secretary of State for Justice
  • Mr. Abert de Booij – Director Speakers Academy
  • Mr. Ben Bot – Partner of ‘Praaning en Meines’, former Minister of Foreign Affairs,
  • Mrs. Jet Creemers – Chair of the Board at Verantwoord, Foundation, Chair of the Board at NVI
  • Mr. Ben Droste – Lieutenant-General (ret.), Professor Space Exploration at the University of Delft, Director of SpaceExperienceCuraçao, former Commander of the Airforce (ret.)
  • Mrs. Larissa Gabrielse – Sales Director Institutional Services Kasbank
  • Mr. Fred de Graaf – Member of the Upper House, chairman of the Senate and the Dutch Parliament
  • Mr. Anne Cor Groeneveld – Chairman Dutch Aviation Group
  • Dhr. Henny Hendriks – HR Expert
  • Mr. Loek Hermans – Member of the Upper House, former President of 'MKB Nederland'
  • Mr. Frank van Kappen – General-Major (ret.), Member of the Upper House, former Advisor of the Secretary-General of the UN, former Navy Commander
  • Mr. Hans Leijh – Lieutenant General (ret.), Director Human Resources Defence (ret.) - "Observer Status"
  • Mr. Aad Ouborg – Owner Director Ouborg Group
  • Mrs. Mienke Schaberg – Managing Director Metaplan Consultants
  • Mr. Martin Schröder – Founder of Martinair
  • Mrs. Marianne Stokkermans - Deputy Managing Director Huis Ter Duin
  • Mr. Bob Toetenel – Director Executive Relations KPN 
  • Mr. Marcel Urlings – Lieutenant-General (ret.), former Commander of the Royal Netherlands Armed Forces
  • Mrs. Betty Visker – Director Betty Visker BV
  • Mr. Jack de Vries – Partner Hill&Knowlton Nederland BV, former Secretary of State for Defence